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Communicating intuitively with animals means mentally sending and receiving thoughts, images, and emotions.  In this kind of communication you do not read body language or make guesses based on behavior.  I work from a distance using a picture of the animal and their name.  I also communicate with animals who have passed on.  This type of of communication is done accessing the Akashic records.  


Animals are masters at intuitive communication. They talk to each other intuitively and are able to intuitively ‘sense’ people and the environment very well. (Take heed if your otherwise pleasant dog suddenly displays an intense dislike for a stranger.) In humans, on the other hand, intuitive ability has been suppressed and repressed by our modern cultures. We still use it – for example, to scope out a strange person or new situation – but our intuition is usually unconscious and uncontrolled.

Intuition is not gift possessed by a few special people. Everyone is intuitive and can learn to communicate intuitively. If you love animals, then on some level you are already doing this. With study and practice you can learn to do it very well.

The idea of intuitive communication with animals and nature challenges long-held beliefs, like the beliefs that other species are inferior to humans intellectually and do not have the emotional or spiritual capacity humans do. In my work I have come to see these beliefs as untrue and now identify them as some of the root causes for the ecological imbalances and crises we are now facing.

Intuition in Everyday Life

Even though most people don’t believe they have intuitive abilities, we actually use these abilities every day. See if any of the following situations seem familiar to you:

  • Whenever you say, “I have a hunch…” you’re really saying that you’re getting an intuitive impression about something. You’re making a guess based on little or no data by relying on your intuition. Just about everyone has had an experience (or knows of a friend’s experience) that can only be attributed to intuitive ability. You may also have found that when you follow your intuition things usually work out better.

How Intuitive Communication Works

To communicate intuitively you use your intuition to connect with another being, sending and receiving information mentally in one of these four main ways:

Sending and Receiving Feelings

You can send a feeling to an animal by experiencing the feeling and then imagining that the feeling is traveling (whatever distance) to the animal. When you receive a feeling intuitively, you get a sense of the emotions an animal is experiencing. For example, once I was talking intuitively with a horse and suddenly felt overcome by grief. It turned out the horse was missing his previous owner and was very unhappy in his current situation. All I knew was that it wasn’t me, because I had been feeling fine before I sat down to talk to him. This ability to feel the feelings of another is called clairsentience (clear feeling) and also empathy.

Using your intuition you can also feel or sense the physical feelings that an animal is experiencing; you can tell if the animal is in pain and where the pain is. When you practice this you can get more specific information, like the quality and duration of the pain. You can even get impressions about the state of an animal’s health – all of which can be helpful data for the animal’s health-care professionals. This type of ability is known as medical intuition. It is NOT diagnosis, and the accuracy of these impressions can only be verified by a health-care professional.

Communicating Mind-to-Mind

In intuitive communication you can send and receive thoughts mentally. This ability is called mental telepathy or clairaudience (clear hearing). When doing this, you actually hear words and phrases mentally. In a consultation I had with a horse long distance, I recall distinctly hearing the horse say, very emphatically, that his rib was out-of-place on the left side of his body. I was talking to him from California and he was in Wisconsin. Later that day, the horse was seen by a chiropractor who confirmed that the horse had the fourth rib out on the left side.

Receiving Visual Images

Using your intuition you can send a visual image to an animal and you can actually mentally see a picture sent to you by an animal. This ability is called clairvoyance (clear sighted) and also applies to being able to see into the future and the past. I use this ability every time I work with lost animals. I ask them to show me a picture of where they are and how they got there. From this I get specific data about direction, details of the route the animal took and what it can see now – all in pictures like a movie. For example, a cat I worked with (who was in another state) showed me his exact route, the warehouse he was in, the train tracks to the side of the warehouse and the ministorage building down the street – all details that were corroborated by his people when they found him exactly where he had shown me he was hiding. I also use this ability to find out what happened in an animal’s past. To do that I ask the animal to show me pictures of the past and past experiences.

Knowing When Something is True

The ability to know something is true without any logical reasoning or factual support (and even without knowing how or why you know) is another aspect of clairvoyance. Usually, when information comes to you this way, you feel very certain of it and no one can talk you out of it.

People find it hard to believe that I don’t need to see an animal in person to be able to do what I do. I just need a picture.  I can do the work without a picture, but with a picture it is much easier.  Some day the physicists may be able to describe just how this can happen. For now there is no easy explanation, I believe that part of the key is my sincere intention to contact that very animal in a specific geographic location who is associated with the person who is calling me. The description, name and other identifying information about an animal functions as do the call letters of a radio station and tuning into the animal is like tuning into a radio station. .

For all the skeptics reading this, I can only say that, as a person trained in scientific methods, I, too, was skeptical when I began studying animal communication. I have worked with animal communication for a few years, testing myself for accurate results using verifiable experiments. I have proved to my own satisfaction the reality and accuracy of animal communication. I would not have been able to do that if I had not maintained an open mind and been willing to experiment.

Animal Communication can be helpful for many common problems with domestic animals of all kinds and is guaranteed to improve and deepen your relationships with animals.

Intuitive communication can also be useful in making connections with wildlife, plants and other aspects of the natural world.


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I am a Shamanic healing practitioner and teacher. I perform soul retrievals, power animal retrievals, journeying, meditation, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Animal Communication, Chakra Balancing, Numerology reports, Tarot card reading, and much more. You may contact me at
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