Inipi Lodge Ceremony

So many wonderful things have happened since the lodge ceremony in January! While each experience is unique to each individual, and as the medicine man said, “You will never forget your first lodge”, and boy was he right!

As the water was being poured on the grandfathers and the steam was hitting us, I prayed.  I prayed so hard.  I prayed for miracles to happen for my sick dog, I prayed for things I needed in my life, I prayed for others.  The medicine man told me (before entering) to be careful what I prayed for….or we would be praying a very long time! 

As the sacred herbs were poured on the grandfathers, I breathed in and out.  I could see and feel things.  The last round I smoked the pipe and held it up to Great Spirit! It was amazing!

I am not going into too much detail about the experience–that is saved for a later time.  However, what I will write about is the prayers have been answered.  3 months later I am sitting here with the dog who was near death and has a heart tumor.  I thought after returning from the lodge he would have to be put down.  I had communicated with him previously and we had a pact.  However, in time, that changed and he is here.  The veterinarian can’t believe it, friends and family can’t believe it…yet I can! I know what I asked the Great Spirit for and what people–the community in the lodge–prayed for with me.  

I give thanks for the love and community of the lodge and to the Great Spirit! I give thanks for the blessings of all! Miracles do happen.  I hold it here in my heart and give thanks for the people whose energy helped to make it happen.  ~AHO~


About shamanicsoulretrieval

I am a Shamanic healing practitioner and teacher. I perform soul retrievals, power animal retrievals, journeying, meditation, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Animal Communication, Chakra Balancing, Numerology reports, Tarot card reading, and much more. You may contact me at
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