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The Shaman

Interesting article on the shaman

Blackthorn Hall

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Moqui Marbles, Thunderballs or Shaman Stones

This is really good and a nice article to read about Moqi, Moqui, or Shaman Stones.


Moqui Marbles – found mostly in the Navajo Sandstone Formation in the state of Utah. (They can no longer be collected there because it is now part of the Grand Staircase Escalante National Monument.)

These mostly smooth, elliptical or round balls of compacted sandstone are encased in a “shell” of iron compounds. They are also referred to as “Moqui Balls”, “Thunderballs” or “Shaman Stones”.

Moqui Marbles readily accept subtle energy charges and hold them indefinitely. Treat them with love and they will return it when you need it most.

They can no longer be collected there because it is now part of the Grand Staircase Escalante National Monument, so get them before they are gone (or cost an arm and a leg).

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Spirit Extraction

If you were to get a sliver in your finger, another way to look at it would be that your physical body had an intrusion. You would extract the sliver with a pair of tweezers, and that would be a physical extraction.

Just as your physical body can have an intrusion, your spiritual body may also take on an intrusion. Spiritual intrusions come into being from negative thought forms. If you send angry thought forms to someone else, if they have an “opening” or loss of power in their spirit body, it may manifest as an intrusion. You may also suffer an intrusion from not expressing yourself, and stuffing your emotions. There is a difference between expressing your anger, and sending your anger. The answer is not to “not feel” your emotions, but to transmute the energy, so you don’t do harm to yourself or anyone else.

If you experience localized pain or illness, you may have a spiritual intrusion. The Shaman does an extraction by pulling the misplaced energy from the person’s body, and putting it into water. Once neutralized in water, the energy is free to be relocate into the Universe, to be “recycled”.

The spirits diagnose if a person has a spiritual intrusion, and would benefit from an extraction. I would schedule an appointment where we get to know a little about each other, we talk about shamanism, and I do a diagnostic journey with my helping spirits. From the information I gain in this journey, we can make a plan of action. If the spirits say I can do the work during this first session, then I do the work and we are done. However, sometimes they say we need to wait a week or so, so then we schedule another appointment to do the work.

I want to share this experience with you. Five or six years ago, we had a fifteen year old family friend named Mark. He was an extremely good baseball player and on an elite competitive baseball team. One evening, his team was playing their main rival. Mark started the game behind the plate, catching. During his at bats, Mark blasted a number of good hits that scored quite a few runs. Half way through the game, he was moved from catcher to pitcher, and his pitches pretty much shut down the opposing team’s offense. In the seventh inning, Mark came to bat, and hit a double into left field. The second baseman took the throw, and tagged Mark. The tag came with such force that Mark had to leave the game with what later proved to be a dislocated shoulder. I watched that play (and Mark was safe, by the way), and the look on that second baseman’s face not only showed extreme intensity, but there was also a level of anger. As Mark was helped off the field, the second baseman appeared to be pleased with himself. (I am not trying to state here that this young man is evil or malevolent I am trying to make the point of how we use – or misuse – our emotions. In our society, we use anger as a motivator. I don’t think we are aware the damage that living that way does). After the game, Mark was taken to the local emergency room, and they popped his shoulder back into place. He was told to immobilize his shoulder for two weeks, and then he should be as good a new. He was told the pain would subside within the week. Two weeks later, he was still wincing when ever he accidentally moved the shoulder. He had been taken back to the doctor twice, and they could find nothing out of place. They told him that the shoulder appeared to be healing slower than they thought, and he would just have to take it easy until it did heal. So, I cautiously suggested that we try an extraction. Mark’s family was not familiar with Shamanism, and didn’t really know what I do. I explained about energetic intrusions, and told them that the second baseman had appeared (in my judgment) to be really angry during the game, and I wondered if there wasn’t some misplaced energy keeping Mark’s shoulder from fully going back into place. They were willing to try the extraction. The next afternoon I performed the extraction, with the help of my helping spirits. Later in the evening, I noticed that Mark was outside tossing a football with one of his brothers. I asked him about the pain in his shoulder. He had completely forgotten about the pain. It was gone. Within 48 hours he was back to throwing the baseball. Do I know for sure that the extraction healed this shoulder? No I do not. I find it an amazing coincidence that in less than four hours after the extraction was performed, the pain was gone, and this young man had been dealing with so much pain for the previous two weeks up to the extraction, that he had kept himself still – mainly planted on the couch watching TV. In the end, I am glad that Mark was back to normal, however he got there. If the spirit’s helped in this, then I am grateful that I was able to be part of the process.

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Shamanic Deposession

Depossession is related to extraction but it’s not the same thing. From a shamanic point of view, it’s very important to get out of the Middle World when journeying for spiritual purposes. In the old days, shamans journeyed in the Middle World to see how relatives were doing at a distant place or to locate the herds of migratory animals. But most of our work today is in the Upper and Lower Worlds where shamans have voyaged since ancient times. Shamans often prefer not to draw on the spirits of the Middle World because many of them are confused and lacking in power. Going to the Upper or Lower Worlds, one reaches spiritual beings of compassion, power, and wisdom.

Shamans who do another type of healing help the dead as well as the living. These shamans are called “psychopomps,” or conductors of souls. Remember, from a shamanic point of view, when you’re comatose, you’re dead. So the shaman, in the case of comatose persons, would seek them out and see if they wanted to come back. Shamanism is not a system that intends to keep people in this ordinary reality whether they like it or not, because the shaman knows that this is not necessarily the best reality. You make the journey for the person who is comatose to find out what they want. If they want to come back, then the job of the shaman is to bring them back. But if they want to go on—or, more commonly, if they’re dying or already dead—then the job of the shaman is to get them to a place where they will be content and not have them stay here, adrift in the Middle World.

So now we come back to this business of depossession. Most cases of depossession of humans are by other humans who are dead, who are here in the Middle World and don’t know they’re dead. If people are disempowered, or have soul loss or power loss, they are like a vacuum into which these confused entities can come. This is involuntary possession.

Shamans will conduct the entity—with its permission once it realizes it’s dead—to a place beyond the Middle World where it will be reunited with people who it loves. Once this is done, so that the clients are no longer possessed, shamans restore their full soul and lost power connections so they are again whole and not vulnerable to further possessions.

Depossession work has slightly different forms in different cultures, but the basic principles are the same. I hope that one day our culture will recognize the need to permit shamanic practitioners to work with the spiritual aspects of illness in cooperation with nonspiritual health professionals.

In your opinion, why don’t we do that now?

Unfortunately, when science started, partially as a reaction to the church in Europe, it ordained that souls and spirits have no reality and therefore could not be considered in scientific theory. Now that’s an a priori position; in other words, ironically, a statement of faith enunciated in the 18th century. In fact, science has never disproved the existence of spirits. I would submit that now, on the edge of the 21st century, it’s time to stop having a science that’s based on faith (the faith that there are no spirits) and make it real science, which means that it doesn’t ordain a priori that certain types of causes cannot exist.

In regard to extraction healing, in the shamanic view, where does the illness to be extracted come from?

From a shamanic point of view, all people have a spiritual side, whether they recognize it or not. When people get angry, jealous, or have a hostile emotional attitude, they can vent not only verbal and physical abuse, but spiritual abuse without even knowing it. In other words, if somebody is ignorant of shamanic principles, they can do damage to other people on a spiritual level.

Among the Untsuri Shuar and JÃ*varo people of eastern Ecuador, with whom I lived for quite a while, they call these intrusions “magical darts.” There were many feuds and wars, and sometimes healers would get angry and lose their discipline and use their powers to get even. But it is important to know that this is a big mistake, not just ethically, but in terms of self-preservation. No matter how justified a person feels emotionally at the time, those spiritual beings who are representative of the great, loving, hidden universe will disconnect. It’s like we’re rechargeable batteries. We still have some power, and we can do damage, but the power source is no longer charging us. I’ve seen this many times in the Amazon. The shamans, in their anger, do harm for awhile, but eventually everything they send out comes back in on them, and it often results not only in their own death or pain, but their immediate family gets affected disastrously by it.

This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get angry at people. It just means that you should have discipline and know there are parameters. You can get angry with somebody and verbally let out steam and, at the same time, control your spiritual side. But for your own self-preservation, if you don’t work to relieve pain and suffering—and especially if you work in a contrary way—you’re soon out of business, and probably dead.

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Readying for Change

If you are feeling stuck in your life and are ready for change, take time to declare to the Universe that you are ready.

There comes a point in most of our lives when we feel ready to experience a change we’ve had trouble carrying out. Maybe we’ve been stuck in a home, a relationship, job, or a town that hasn’t felt right for a long time, but we’ve been unable to shift our circumstances in the direction we want to go. At times like this, it can help to declare to the universe that we are ready for a change. Think of it as informing a helpful friend that you need her assistance to move to the next level in your life. If the time is right, the universe will respond with opportunities and offers designed to help you create the change you wish to see.

You can begin the process of making your declaration by getting clear within yourself about what exactly you want to change. Whenever we ask anyone for help, they can assist us that much better if we are specific. The universe also appreciates our clarity and has an easier time answering a direct communication than a vague yearning. When you are clear on what you want, write your declaration on a piece of paper and place it on your altar, if you have one. If you don’t, you can also place it under your pillow or in a box on your nightstand. Set aside a period of time every day to be silent with your wishes for change, repeating your declaration like a mantra. This lets the universe know that you are ready to change and will be receptive to its efforts.

Feel free to continue to refine and redefine your declaration, and remember to be open to the many different ways in which the change you seek might come to be. Remember also to be active in your own efforts, taking opportunities that come your way, watching for signs, and always taking responsibility for your intentions. If things don’t happen quickly, try not to be discouraged; it might take time to free up energy that has been blocked and possibly serving a purpose beyond what we can understand. If you continue your conversation with the universe, declaring yourself clearly and openly, you cannot help but experience the magic of changing and being changed.

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The Life of Your Dreams

The Life of Your Dreams
Waking Up

We are multidimensional beings and our earthly aspects are a very small part of who we are.

Many of us are familiar with the experience of waking up to the fact that our lives are no longer working the way we have set them up. Sometimes this is due to a shift occurring inside ourselves over time, and sometimes it is part of the larger shift that is currently affecting all humanity. Change is happening at such an increased rate that it is difficult to predict what the future holds. As a result, many of the old ways of planning out a life are no longer applicable, and if we cling to them we feel strangely out of tune with reality. If we are in tune with the energies around us, we will begin to question ideas that just a few years ago seemed sensible.

In the simplest terms, the shift we are undergoing right now has to do with recognizing ourselves as being more than human, remembering that our earthly aspects are a very small part of who we are. In truth, we are multidimensional beings. When we begin to realize this, the life we planned for a limited conception of ourselves no longer fits. We must meet the needs and qualifications not only of our bodies but also of our souls. This realization dawns slowly for some and with the suddenness of a bolt of lightning for others, and we all must find the way that works for us to integrate this new and larger sense of self into our life plan.

Sometimes a drastic change feels totally right, and overnight we might decide to sell our home and move to another country or quit our job and begin a second career. Other times, we allow the changes to proceed slowly, beginning perhaps with allowing ourselves to dream of a new life or just to ask the deeper questions that encourage us to discover our true purpose in life. Either way, know that this process is a natural sign of the growth we are all going through, and trust it to guide you to the life of your dreams.

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